Loving God – We want to express our love to God through our words and deeds. Our Sunday morning service should be focused on God, but understanding of where people are at; purposeful in encouraging the seasoned believer to go and be Jesus to his or her community, yet also engaging of the seeker or new believer to encourage them to go deeper.

Loving others – We want to love others in genuine, life-giving relationships. We want systems in place that assure that we are making the church a safe place for all to be part of the community of believers.

Authentic faith – We want to express our faith by living out what we believe every day of the week.

Cultural Relevance – We want to create an atmosphere in our language, music and teaching style that people relate to in the moment, regardless of their stage and position in life.

Cooperating with the Holy Spirit – We want to do the things that Jesus did in our daily lives through the power of the Holy Spirit: preach the gospel, heal the sick, and set people free from the clutches of the enemy. We also believe that this does not look super-spiritual or mystical, but is done in the natural course of living our daily lives.

Being in Community – We want to make room for the people of the church to do life together; not just do events at church. We want to create an atmosphere for deep-rooted friendships, and disciple-making that goes beyond just seeing each other church events.

Equipping and training – We want our church, through the relationships in small groups, to be a training ground where people are equipped to live productive, effective, God-centered lives and reach their God-given dreams.

Silence, solitude, and prayer – We want to make room in our lives to hear God’s voice and spend time in communion with Him.

Serving the poor – We value loving and serving the poor, oppressed, needy, and broken in our cities and beyond. We want to be a church that is recognized as having a heart of compassion for the poor, and for single parent families.

Children’s Ministry – We want our children to grow up having a real, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. We want them to hear God’s word at a level that they understand. We want to challenge them to grow as disciples. Ultimately, we want our children to graduate children’s ministry with a heart and spiritual maturity to be able to engage and understand the adults’ service on Sunday mornings. Our children are not less important or separate, but rather are integral members of our body.